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9. Do you have a 4-am friend?
9. Do you have a 4-am friend?

9. Do you have a 4-am friend?

We meet so many people in our lives. We spend time with them, create memories, study with some, travel with others. Some stay in touch, others grow apart.
And some of them we end up labeling as “Friends”.

In school days, you have a couple of best friends. 
In college days, you form a group of best friends.
Post-college, it’s mostly a matter of availability.
And post-marriage, it becomes a necessity (and who your spouse/kids are comfortable with. :D)

And then there are so many other labels under the spectrum of “Friends”. Close friends, acquaintances, best friends, inner-circle, school-friends, etc.

But sooner or later, when something bad happens to you, and no one shows up, you realize those tags are pretty meaningless.

And hence, a few years back, I defined a new yardstick to be called friends.
4-am Friends.

As the name suggests, 
If you can call a person at 4 am in the night to talk about things that are not going well in your life, he/she is your 4-am friend.

This shows 2 things:

  1. Calling at 4 am shows authority. There is no formality and you feel every right to disturb him/her at the weirdest time.
  2. Sharing about your problems shows trust. It’s easy to broadcast all your success, but equally hard to share your failures.

These people are special to you. You can share anything with them. Your wildest dreams, deepest fears & insecurities. Their opinions matter to you. Who listens to you and understands you. You grow old with them.

And most of all, in this world where everyone is fighting for a perfect life, this person can help you to experience something which is so surreal.
To be open and vulnerable.
To be your true self and completely naked, knowing that you are in a safe place and won’t be judged. To laugh and cry with your hearts out. 
That feeling is just magical.

So if you have these 4-am friends, you are very fortunate. Tell them and make them feel the same. Because they are indeed special.

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