The Greater Fool is someone with the perfect blend of self-delusion and ego to think that he can succeed where others have failed. Future is made by greater fools.
11. Message in a bottle
11. Message in a bottle

11. Message in a bottle

Recently, I finished a course called “Art of Clear Writing” by Amit Varma (part of my “Invest in yourself” spree). Towards the end, he gave an interesting final assignment.

“Write a letter to your younger self or to your older self”. No more than 1000 words.

Initially, I kept postponing as it required energy to think about what I will say to my younger self. Hypothetically, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I have to pass distilled wisdom to a younger Abhi that would change his (my) life. It was too much pressure.

Anyways I got myself together and drafted a letter to my younger self. Here is a snippet:

Hello little Abhi,

I am your older self from the age of 30. I got a chance to write to you because of a future invention. But since I know you always need proof, here we go.

In 6th standard, your ankle did not break while playing Cricket, like you told everyone. It broke when you were sleep-walking and fell from the bed. Also, it might feel embarrassing now, but people will love this story in the future.

So before I tell you how you grew up, I want to share something very important.
Leicester City will win EPL in 2015/16. The odds will be 5000:1. Put 80% of your savings into it. (FYI Leicester City is a football team and EPL is a football league in England. Google it.)

Now, about life.

(I have linked the full letter at the bottom of this newsletter, in case you want to read it.)

How was the writing experience? It was odd and surreal at the same time. 
Here are some realizations that happened while writing it.

Prioritize what is important in life

I kept adding and removing things for a good one hour. What I started with was nothing close to what I ended up telling my younger self.

Because there is so much that you can tell to your younger self so that he can improve & learn. But you can’t say everything in 1000 words. That meant start prioritizing. Exactly how our lives should be. Focus only on things that matter and the big picture. 

And hence exams/interviews/career didn’t make it in the letter. Dancing out more, did! 

Forgotten dreams

Never before did I indulge my brain cells to think so vividly about my teens days. As a result, all my childhood memories came flooding back. 

The fear of getting scolded and rejected. The fear of going on stage and reciting the news of the day! Feeling underconfident and inferior at school.
But also came the innocence, the kindness, the sense of wonder, and the wild dreams.

I realized with all my current responsibilities I have slowly become practical. And forgotten to be ambitious and cognizant of my dreams. But I have decided to take this opportunity and try to make the future what little Abhi so passionately imagined. Grand.

Future is set

Even as a kid I always wondered about life. Why are things as they are? What’s the purpose? 
Though the fascination is still there, it has coupled with a great sense of maturity. 

I understand the world better. From different perspectives. Matured emotionally. Now I don’t get angry with people for months! More confident about myself and my skills. 

And this realization sets me free from worrying about the future. That things will fall in place as they have.

In all, it was a refreshing experience. I enjoyed talking to my younger self. Fascinated yet under pressure with the responsibility to show him the right way. 

But in the end, I feel instead, I got inspired & reinvigorated by him.

So I highly recommend you to take out some time and step on a journey with your younger self. You won’t regret it.

Click to read the full letter to my younger me

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